1. Provide a pathway for doing business in the United States of America (USA) and Africa
  2. Identify business investment opportunities in the USA and Africa and the Diaspora
  3. Recommend legal and other services needed to accomplish the business objectives
  4. Facilitate Private Meetings: Assistance with scheduling private meetings with influential Africans and US business, association and government officials, and in the Diaspora
  5. Assist in exploring franchise and another business opportunity
  6. Consult on benefits of establishing and doing business in the USA, Africa, and the Diaspora
  7. Provide references to agencies to establish business
  8. Make follow-up phone calls to target organizations and business contacts
  9. Schedule conference calls as needed
  10. Provide updates and status reports as needed
Annual Membership Fees

  • Micro Business
  • $1000/Year
  • Less than $6 million in annual revenue
  • Small Companies
  • $5000/Year
  • $6 million gross revenue per year or less
  • Medium Companies
  • $10000/Year
  • ($7 million-$600 million gross revenues per year
  • Large Companies
  • $25000/Year
  • More than $600 million gross revenue per year M